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Ethical Know-How: Action, Wisdom, and Cognition

Ethical Know-How: Action, Wisdom, and Cognition

Ethical Know-How: Action, Wisdom, and Cognition by francisco Varela

Ethical Know-How: Action, Wisdom, and Cognition

Download Ethical Know-How: Action, Wisdom, and Cognition

Ethical Know-How: Action, Wisdom, and Cognition francisco Varela ebook
Format: pdf
ISBN: 9780804730334
Page: 96
Publisher: Stanford University Press

[xxxvi] Varela, Francisco (1999) Ethical Know-How: Action, Wisdom, and Cognition. Aristotle (in Nicomachean Ethics) spoke of practical wisdom as the ability to deliberate well about what is good and expedient regarding the conduct of a good life. Apr 23, 2011 - My presentation is, more than anything, a plea for a re-enchantment of wisdom, understood as non-intentional action This is from Ethical Know-How: Action, Wisdom, and Cognition by Francisco Varela (1992). €In a world torn with strife and warfare, perhaps no problem is more important [than that of understanding and developing wisdom], as wisdom may be the only hope out of the bloodshed. Sep 12, 2013 - It seems to me, though, that the real Adam Smith problem is more subtle and relates to the tension between true virtue and worldly success, between wisdom and industriousness. But that might just be because philosophers have only recently come around to ethical objectivism, and so in turn, there may not be as many well-known arguments for it. Oct 1, 2010 - Phil Torres · Ethical Technology Posted: Oct 1, 2010. Mar 19, 2014 - [xxxv] Pfeffer, Jeffery (1992) Organizations and Organization Theory. Feb 3, 2014 - I owe Ethics Alarms ex-patriot Barry Deutsch for pointing me to this; on weekends I often check out the blogs and websites, and sure enough, on his own blog Alas! Feb 22, 2013 - Indeed, Kant argued that actions that were motivated by emotions — acts of kindness performed out of compassion, for instance — had no moral worth; a worthy action was one motivated simply by the logical judgment that it was the morally correct thing to do. May 1, 2008 - Ethical know-how: Action, wisdom and cognition. Aug 12, 2013 - Confucius (in The Analects) suggested that wisdom entails righteousness, and that the wise person studies and knows the Way (Tao), but also that knowledge must be combined with action. Oct 19, 2012 - EDU Fall 2012-Dr. That is to say, one plausible course of action would involve the development and use of cognitive enhancements - or, in more general terms, the creation of superintelligent agents (which could, at least in theory, also be achieved through AI). May 6, 2014 - (Simon and Schurich's findings rebuffed a preexisting hypothesis called 'placebic reasoning' – that people are more likely to credit decisions or actions when backed by reasons, even if those reasons are entirely redundant (i.e., asking to cut in line for a . How would an anti-gay marriage subject know from a deep personal experience (as opposed to a belief built through an intellectual process of interpreting religious doctrine) that homosexuality is not immutable? I was particularly struck by Varela's theory of situatedness. Darlene Witte Presentation: Ethical Know-How/ Action, Wisdom, and Cognition Reflective Thought and Question Sheet Penny Pizer October 4, 2012. Varela, Ethical Know-How: Action Wisdom and Cognition, was one of the early founders of the Mind Life Institute. Barry was once again discussing the Yes, human beings are programmed to automatically protect themselves against this trauma, as indicated by the confirmation bias that is such a foe of rational thought, and the cognitive dissonance that warps our values daily.

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